Thursday, 31 January 2008


My long awaited parcel containing a gorgeous array of fabrics arrived today. I cannot wait to start cutting but unfortunately, I must get through this huge pile of ironing first! I'm not sure what to make yet with this beautiful fabric but suggestions from fellow bloggers would be greatly appreciated!?*!?*!?*


Jane's Designs said...

I love all your goodies! You do a beautiful job.

APPLIQUE said...

Thanks - I love crafting and it is paricularly satisfying when talented crafters like yourself give praise. Many thanks, Jane xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,

Lovely choice of fabrics!

Does your blog have an RSS feed? I'd live to syndicate it on Livejournal so that I can read it through my friends page.

APPLIQUE said...

Hi, I don't have an RSS feed. Can you advise me on how I can introduce an RSS feed. Many thanks, Jane x