Wednesday, 10 June 2009

THE SWEET SMELL OF ....................

I have been tinkering with a few new design ideas recently. As well as making brooches, I produce scarves and bags but I love working with felt and thought it was time to come up with some new items to list in my shop.

I pondered for a while and eventually came up with this...... just a peak first!

I love embroidering and I love the smell of lavender. So.........I thought why not mix the two together............. and this is the result hanging on the garden fence. Do you like the shells Peter and I have stuck to the top of the trellis??

In the garden amongst the flowers!

I'm not sure whether to list this lavender bag in my shop or wait until I have made some more in alternative colourways - decisions, decisions!

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else said...

last summer your work gave me the same ideer thanks for that!