Monday, 15 June 2009


It's quite dull here in Newcastle today. We had quite a few heavy showers last night including hailstones (in June!!!).

This post is intended to brighten your day! I have been working on some new 'vintage' looking brooches. These are quite large measuring 9cm wide by 7cm in length. However, they are very versatile and would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

I have one which I wear on a summer jacket but due to the large number of colours included in the design, I also wear it on a co-ordinating cardigan and a couple of my summer tops!
I hope you like this new design.
I am desperately trying to finish a crochet project and hope to show you some pictures in the next few days. The crochet is finished but I have to do a little sewing to complete the article?
I love feedback on my work so please feel free to let me know what you think of my new design!
Bye for now!


Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Absolutely beautiful!~~XXOO, Beth

Laura said...

They're beautiful, as usual! The brooch I bought from you arrived today and I absolutely love it. The felt is top quality and is so neatly made. Congratulations.

Garden Girl said...

wow- they are amazing!!! I just typed 'felt corsages' into Etsy and found your shop-and then your blog. Your work is beautiful, and I will definitely be back to make a purchase after pay day. I am so excited to have discovered your work!!

APPLIQUE said...

Thank you for such kind comments - you are all so generous. Thinking about making some brooches with trees on - what do you think? Hugs, Jane x

Garden Girl said...

Worth a try I reckon! I keep scouring the pages trying to decide which one I like best-can't quite stretch the finances to your offer of 4 for 3 yet though. I will have to sell a few more slices of cake I think!x