Saturday, 29 August 2009


I have just returned from a week in Whitby (apologies for the lack of posts) -have you ever been to this beautiful seaside town? It'a beautiful coastal resort and we were fortunate to be there during the annual Folk Festival! The views from our appartment were fabulous.

Whilst in Whitby we drove to a little place called Ravenscar. Despite spending many holidays as a child in North Yorkshire and the Esk Valley I had never ever been to Ravenscar and we decided to take the plunge - we weren't disappointed.

We drove along the small winding country road and stopped at the Raven Hall Country House Hotel which was located just before the road sign for Ravenscar The views were unbelieveable and we decided to have lunch which was also fantastic.

At the turn of the century, plans were made to turn Ravenscar into a tourist resort to rival the popularity of nearby Scarborough. Roads were made, houses were built and sewers were laid.
However, Ravenscar's popularity never soared, mainly due to the long trek needed to reach the rocky beach. This is Ravenscar - the coastal town that never was!!

Despite the non-existent resort the railway platform is still completely intact at the top of the village square. Ravenscar was originally called 'Peak' hence the name on the platform! It is beautifully decorated and in superb condition.

I love this carving. It shows the children who were evacuated to this part of the country and their parents waving them off!

We made the long walk down to the beach at Ravenscar to look for fossils and we weren't disappointed!

I took my sewing with me whilst on holiday and managed to get a few brooches completed including a couple of huge 'Abundance' brooches -10cm in diameter - not for the faint hearted!!!


Karens Hopes said...

Oh yes I know Whitby very well....
My mam and da stayed at the Ravenscar Hotel and we spent the day there with them when we had the eclipse. It was a magical spot to watch something like that and its one of the last memories I have of my dad before he passed away. Good times...

Cate said...

I stayed in one of the eco cottages at the hotel for my birthday last year, thanks for showing your pics and bring back the memories!

Cate, x