Monday, 21 September 2009


I have finally got round to organising the giveaway that I have promised for quite a while.

To enter, you must leave a comment to this post and suggest a name for my new brooch. The winner will be the person I think has suggested the most suitable name for the design below.

I also have a couple of runners up prizes that I will select at random.

Nearly forgot ................ the prizes.

The winner will be able to choose a brooch up to the value of $20 from my Etsy shop and they will also be able to select one of the brooches from the photograph above.

The runners up prizes are a closely guarded secret!

Good Luck!



Monica said...

Moon Blossom or maybe Lucky Clover.

andamento said...

Nice giveaway!

How about "Mediaeval Rose" or "Elizabeth"

Marie said...

How about Spring Blossom....or Victoria :))
Whatever you pick, your creations are wonderful.

else said...

How about rainbow luck.
I love your work it is a inspiration!

Cathy said...

Gorgeous work Jane. I like the names "Floribunda" or "Ladies Grace" for these.

Maddie rocks said...

I think FANTASTIC BLOOM or DREAM BLOSSOM. Your items are beautiful, you are very talented to be able to make such amazing things.

Lyn said...

how about 'flower burst' or 'summer burst'
cos they look like they are bursting out all over!

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

I love this clover and flower design! My suggestion is: Blooming Lucky!~~~XXOO, Beth

trixi said...

I was thinking perhaps the 'flower of eden' but my daughters came up with 'egyptian rose' and 'blossom magik'.
whatever you call them, they're beautiful!

Pomona said...

How about:


'Rosamunda' or 'Rose of the World'

'Petal Abundance'

They are really lovely brooches!

Pomona x

Melinda said...

I love that it's so symmetrical. It reminds me of something you'd see looking into a kaleidoscope. So that's my naming suggestion...the kaleidoscope brooch.

Katrina said...

These are just gorgeous! They remind me of the flowers on the passion fruit vine - so my choice for a name is 'passion flower'

Claudia said...

My suggestion is "One happy flower" or "Bright eyes" , or maybe "Waltzing Matilda" or "Dreamy dots". They are so so beautiful! I admire your work greatly.

Patricia said...

I like Morning Primrose, because they certainly do look like primroses and bright and cheery as in the morning! As a curiosity, there is a flower called evening primrose or sundrop, because it is bright yellow.

Biba said...
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Biba said...

Your brooches are absolutely gorgeous, I have already purchased some and I wear them all the time! They give me much pleasure, so perhaps - the name for the new lot - 'Little Pleasure'!

Take care,


Jannie-Adela said...

Such pretty detail!

Hmm, how about "Folklore Gem" or "Modern Folklore." Your brooches looks heavily inspired by Folkore Art.

Kris said...

They make me smile, I love them.
How about "Just for fun ;)"


suzanne said...

I would like to suggest 'Crazy 4 Clover' for your new design. Love your work!

Carmen Rigby said...

First thing I thought of:

Peacock Plume

Chris said...

How about Elizabethian Garden or if you added another one to the range they each could have a Queens name like Anne Boelyn. They have a lovely Tudor appearance about them.

Sue said...

Such beautiful work.

My suggestion is Tudor Rose, Ray of Light or Spectrum.

ViriMa Pablos Lamas said...

Es precioso y tan alegre...

Me encanta!
Te felicito!