Monday, 10 May 2010


Guess what - I have been chosen as a featured seller on Folksy - what a fabulous surprise.

Folksy contacted me yesterday to ask if I would like to be one of their featured sellers . I jumped at the chance!!! You can find my Folksy shop here which has had a bit of a face lift of late. I eventually managed to work out how to upload my Applique Originals logo (designed by the fabulous Bold and Noble) as my banner and introduced a new avatar to my shop front.

Here are some of the items currently in my Folksy shop....

I am hoping to have a giveaway very soon but haven't quite decided what to giveaway!?!?!? Maybe it will be a competition - maybe a name for a new brooch design........................decisions, decisions..........


KC'sCourt! said...

They are so pretty. I really admire your work
Julie xxxxxx

Cate said...

congrats on being a featured seller!

Cate, x

stuffednonsense said...

im not surprised they asked you, your work is wonderful!well done

alexandra s.m. said...

pure eye-candy!
You're so talented!
Congrats indeed!