Monday, 17 May 2010


Do you ever have that feeling that you want to try something new and you have to do it that very minute!!! It happens to me all the time and today I managed to execute the ideas that had been swimming around in my head!!!

I purchased some gorgeous cotton lace last week in cream and black. I have pondered with several ideas as to how to use it wisely and today came up with this..........

............... a bit of felt, a beautiful piece of Liberty lawn, some felt flowers and a length of ribbon!

Do you like it?????

It looks a bit Victorian don't you think???

I enjoyed making it so much that I am going to make some more as I have a stack of Liberty Lawn!

This particular cuff is for sale in my e-bay shop!


stuffednonsense said...

i do indeed like it! well done

Cate said...

it's gorgeous, very victorian indeed!

Cate, x

gill said...

Love it!!