Sunday, 4 July 2010


We have had a quiet and relaxing weekend apart from a trip to Blanchland on Saturday morning to drop some work off at the Gallery Upstairs in Blanchland, Northumberland. I cannot believe I forgot my camera - it's such a beautiful little village set around a central square. Next time I go I will deifinitley take some photographs so I can share my visit with you.

Today has been relaxing alongside the mundane tasks of washing, cleaning, sorting, etc. However, I did get to make some strawberry and almond tarts (with a few raspberries thrown in for good measure - I was a little short of strawberries!). This is such an easy recipe with mouthwatering results!!

You put the tarts in the oven like this...

....and they return from the oven like this.....


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Lyn said...

What a very simple recipe(might leave the almonds out!) with a little cream and a cup of tea!