Sunday, 20 February 2011


It is so gloomy and dull here in the north east of England!!! Consequently, I have taken some photographs of a few new colourful designs to brighten up the day!!

This new piece of framed artwork is entitled 'Scandinavian Flower' - I only have the one colourway to show you at the moment.

There are hundreds of embroidered stitches in this design and it is framed in a 28cm white square frame so is a little bigger than the Scandinavian Bird picture but a little larger that the peacock design. I have some more colourways cut and ready to embroider so I will hopefully be listing them in my etsy shop along with this one very soon!

Below are some new 'flower girl' brooches which are also listed in my etsy shop - I adore embroidering these brooches as each one looks completey different when finished. I am debating whether to give each one a name - what do you think????

To the competition....

To decide who wins my giveaway I have decided to ask my lovely readers to name the four girls above - the entrant who I believe has decided upon the most appropriate names will be the winner.

The winner will receive an item of their choice up to the value of £20 from my etsy shop. They will also receive a few more bits and bobs in their winning parcel!!! The closing date for the giveaway is 27th February 2011.

Good luck!


Amy said...

Since flowers are such an important part of your work and there are so so many beautiful flowers to choose names from, I think they would be the best for your girls! For these girls, based on their colours I would choose:

1. Violet
2. Marigold
3. Rose
4. Poppy

I hope you like, I would love to win your giveaway, I do so love your work :)

andamento said...

The flower girl brooches are truly lovey. My favourite is the last one with the dark hair. I'm always up for one of your giveaways so here goes...
1. Matilda
2. Muriel
3. Milly
4. Miranda
Muriel came to me first (I think she looks older than the others) and I thought it would be a nice idea if their names all begin with the same letter.
That was fun!

KC'sCourt! said...

Because they a four little Angels
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

trixi said...

Your flower girls are beautiful and I think deserve flower names I have called them...Azalea, Dahlia, Bluebell and Iris!

Leigh said...

How about these...

Beautiful work xxx

Villa Lawaai said...

Hi, I really like your designs, so I tried to find some appropriate names.

for the blond with the gray background: Famke (which means girl in Dutch), for the blond in the black background: although she's blond,she looks a little asian to me, so ik would like te name her Shu (which means: the smiling one). The pink and blue girl looks a little scandinavian so ik think she should be named Mette. And the last one with the brown hair reminds me of my daughter, so i name her Anne-Sophie

Biba said...

I'd go for the classics:

1. Rapunzel
2. Cinderella
3. Little Mermaid
4. Snow White

Beautiful designs!

gill said...



Lisa Leggett said...

Your lovely lasses are oh-so-pretty! I'd call them...



Jacky said...

They are lovely :o) I thought I was being unique, untill I started this post and saw other people's choices ;o)

1. Daisy
2. Lilly
3. Rose
4. Poppy

Beautiful work.

Maria said...

They are so cute!
I would name them 'flower' in different languages:

1. Fiore (italian)
2. Louloudia (greek)
3. Zahra (arabic)
4. Flor (spanish)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

These wee flower girls are so sweet and pretty!
I came up with four names to go with their color themes and which sound quite 'flower like'!

1. Daphne
2. Saffron
3. Rosa
4. Scarlet

Yay for a giveaway! Your work is absolutely stunning :)
x Madeline

lil_madam said...

Jane, these little ladies are beautiful! You are so creative :-) They remind me of the work of Joan Walsh Anglund - whose work I've loved since i was a very wee girl. You've got some smashing suggestions above (and some which look like real winners) Do you think you'll chose the answers from a selection of entries or are you going to stick to the four that come as one 'answer'?

Anyway, thought I'd join in too, here are my suggestions

1) Helga
2) Ingrid
3) Betsy
4) Martha

Hope to see you very soon x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work! I love the flower! Very very pretty.

I wasn't expecting a giveaway, when I came to 'visit', but I'll take a shot at it:

1. Lola
2. Lilly
3. Bella
4. Bea


Claudia said...

Just to read all the suggestions is soooo much fun. I really don't envy you because I would not know which one to pick! All the names are phantastic. I am no good at finding names so I will stick to reading your beautiful suggestions!Greetings from Germany and well done!

Broches Chulis said...

Me encantan estas niƱas, preciosas.