Monday, 6 June 2011


Can you remember this design ??

Well I have decided to make some more as they were quite popular when I first made them but for some reason I haven't made any for ages and ages.

Applique Originals also has a new necklace in its etsy shop - ta da...........

Quite a bit more embroidery in this one but it lies lovely on the neck and definitely makes a statement.

These two are in my etsy shop now but I will be making some more in a few different colourways very soon.

My etsy shop also has a 15% offer on at the moment. Just enter JUNE@)!! in the coupon code box when completing your invoice and 15% will be deducted from your order.


Anna said...

Wow. Both designs are beautiful. I love the new design and both the colours go so well. You should get a lot of sales

M. Céu Fernandes said...

Hi there.
Wow. I love them all!
Congratulations for the splendid work!
Have a great week.

Maggani said...

all you do is beautiful!!