Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I was browsing through e-bay today and came across some felt brooches extremely similar to mine (which I've now been making for about three years!) I admit it's a compliment that people want to copy my designs but when I looked at the description I realised that the seller had simply taken exact excerpts from my own descriptions to describe their own products. This is such a disappointment when you work so hard to build up a selling pitch and a good, honest reputation. I'm not sure where I stand with copyright??? So, if you are looking at purchasing any of my items and have bought from me before, please be aware there are other sellers selling similar products??


fiona999 said...

Hi Jane, it's really frustrating as an artist or designer to have someone who obviously lacks creative imagination to copy your works. Have a little look at this link which may be of help: http://www.dacs.org.uk/pdfs/Copyright_FAQs.pdf
Sorry if it hasn't come through with the link to click on, you may have to copy and paste it into your browser.
Hope it's of some help,
Fiona x
PS. When are going to make some more hats - I had my eye on one on eBay but was out the day it sold...totally gutted, as I loved it!

APPLIQUE said...

Fiona, thanks for your help. I've just finished a hat and just need to make a co-ordinating brooch. I'm going away for a couple of days so will be packing my crochet hook and plenty of yarn!!!New hats will probably be listed at the end of next week!!

camberwell*beauty said...

Ooh goodie, will keep checking then next week! Thanks Jane, have a fun weekend. Best wishes, Fiona x (Changed ID name for my new blog)

Joey Ramone said...

Gosh Jane, just read your post about being copied, that's really bad! Have you reported them to Ebay or Etsy?

I came across your shop via the brooch which Nicola Cherrypips featured in her Treasury West on Etsy - you do adorable embroidery! I have to be honest, your work has inspired me... but I promise I won't make a straight copy! :)
where do you get your inspiration from?

Glad to have stumbled across your things!
Joey :D

Ailie said...

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", or so they say, but having had a look, your work is very clearly much better than the copy cats!

I believe that ebay have rules regarding the copying of lisiting information... Have you had a look?

While I'm commenting on this, I wanted to ask whether you could tell me how you make your fabric covered button brooches and where you get supplies for such things? I'd like to make a few fabric covered buttons for an upholstery project I'm working on and since yours seem to come out so well, I hoped you might divulge some secrets!

All the best,

(I'm one of your past customers and probably one of your future customers!)

APPLIQUE said...

Hi Ailie,

Many thanks for your kind comments. I use prym metal button cover sets (not the plastic ones as they don't cover as well) A shop called strawberriesncream sell them on e-bay. I merely stretch the fabric over the button and across the 'toothed' edge, hence the scratched and sore fingers - ouch!!! If you need any further information, please let me know - I am happy to help!! Jane x

APPLIQUE said...
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Ailie said...

Thanks, Jane. That's really helpful!


saraeden said...

Hi there i have had a similar problem with my fabric flower brooches !!
I hope you dont mind me leaving this comment ?
I just wanted to say your felt brooches are beautiful !!

Sara x

magikquilter said...

Sorry to hear that Jane and your work is superior to many and I should know after running all those flickr groups.

Do you still keep an eye on them as would not mind checking it out and seeing if I recognise the maker/seller. One thing I would do is not feature them on any of my groups.

We do have people influenced by others work but they say it and are really inspired by them and also usually try to promote the person who thus inspired them

....did you get anywhere with Ebay regarding copyright with the text you saw copied?