Monday, 11 February 2008


I have had so many requests to make some fabric cuffs but have never really sat down and seriously considered making them. HOWEVER, as the weekend beckoned, I decided to put my brooches and crocheting aside and design a cuff from start to finish.

AND here is the finished article which has just been listed on e-bay this afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed making this cuff and depending upon the feedback I receive, I intend to make several more - maybe with a different theme???? Any suggestions???


Joey's Dream Garden said...

this is gorgeous! Maybe you could use some of your new fabric for some more... I love the flowers and the buttons in the middle... I am really inspired now so i'll have to go and do some sewing! :D
Happy sewing!
Joey x

APPLIQUE said...

Hi Joey, thanks for your lovely comments. Cherrypips is a friend of mine too and we often contact each other via etsy. Her work is fabulous!!! Jane x

Cathy said...

Stunningly pretty and very English cottage garden. Your etsy shop is really lovely and you have a great blog.

magikquilter said...

This is you have this on flickr?