Monday, 1 June 2009


I love etsy and have fallen in love with some of the work by fellow UK etsians. I thought I would share a few of these talented sellers with you:

First of all we Have Vanessa! Vanessa is an illustrator of children's books. She also paints flowers in watercolours and has a super shop on etsy and a magnificent blog called 'do you mind if i knit'!
Just look at these gorgeous chrysanthemums:
I already own a couple of Cherrypips brooches but I just adore Charlie Chaffinch - how cute is he?? You can find Nicola's shop here. This one is my brother and sister-in-law's shop - Bold and Noble! A little biased but Peter has this print on his bedroom wall - I love it!
Finally, I love these bracelets by Eastern Sky - definitely at the top of my wish list!
Today has been a tiring day. I tried to catch a glass that tumbled out of the cupboard at lunch time and unfortunately it smashed in my left hand. I had to visit 'accident and emergency' for the first time and be x-rayed, etc. Fortunately there was no glass in my hand and my tendons and nerves are ok - I just have a deep wound between my first and second finger. The wound couldn't be stitched because of the awkward position so it has been glued and dressed! Although it is my left hand, I am unable to sew or crochet as I hold the fabric/yarn in my left hand! Hopefully, it will only take a few days to heal! I am sure I will have withdrawal symptoms by tomorrow!!!!!!!


Lana said...

Wow, hope your hand is better soon, I'd go crazy if I couldn't make things!

Thanks so much for featuring my bracelets! :)

vanessa said...

OH GOSH JANE! YOU POOR THING! I'm so glad there has been no major damage, and you're being very stoical about your plight. I send a big hug, and lots of get well soon vibes!
Thank you for featuring my work and blog on your blog! You've said the most wonderful things, and I'm totally flattered and thrilled, thank you!
Get well soon Jane.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Laura said...

Hi! I love your Etsy shop and I see that your blog is very nice too. I'm sorry to hear that you hurt yourself, I wish you a speed recovery!