Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I only live a stone's throw away from a fabulous museum - 'Bede's World'. We are season ticket holders and visit regularly so I thought I would share some of museum's highlights with you.

The extraordinary life of the Venerable Bede (AD 673-735) created a rich legacy that is celebrated today at Bede's World, Jarrow, where Bede lived and worked 1300 years ago. The museum hosts;
  • an interactive Age of Bede exhibition in the stunning new museum building,
  • the site of the Anglo Saxon monastey - St Pauls - along with its medieval monastic ruins,
  • a herb garden
  • recreated timber buildings
  • an Anglo saxon demonstration farm
  • a cafe within historic Jarrow Hall
  • and, a museum gift and book shop
This is the entrance to the museum. It wasn't until recently that I realised that the roof was open!
A superb sculpture by local artist Fenwick Lawson

Part of the museum

The gardens have an abundance of unusual flowes and plants - specifically plants that were used as dyes or medicinal purposes.

Orchids line the paths
This horse is a rescue horse fom the RSPCA that the museum have on loan until it retuns to full fitness.

The reconstructed timber buildings.

I hope you have enjoyed my little trip. Bede's world is well worth a visit so if you are in the North East of England please make sure you call in.
You can also buy my brooches in the gift shop !

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Karens Hopes said...

It looks like a lovely day out, your photographs are very good. I'm originally from the North East
and I'm ashamed to say I've never