Monday, 2 November 2009


Last week was half term and we booked a superb cottage in the coastal village of Beadnell in rural Northumberland. Beadnell isn't far from one of my favourite spots - Holy Island.

Holy Island is a tidal island which is accessed by a paved causeway. The North Sea covers the causeway twice a day so you have to check the tide timetables to make sure crossing the causeway is safe. The timetable varies considerably and over the years many vistors have been caught out by the fast approaching North Sea.

The views across the causeway on the way back to the mainland were superb - quite eerie!

Beadnell was a superb location too. Peter had a great time on the beach and many of Northumberland's finest castles were within a short distance - Bamburgh Castle, Alnwick Castle, Dunstanborough Castle, Chillingham Castle, to name but a few!

My parents bought me a fabulous camera for my birthday in March and I haven't really had a chance to try out the hidden extras so quite a bit experimentation with settings, etc went on whilst at Beadnell!

If you like the quiet life and breathtaking views of coast and countryside, Northumberland is definitely the place to go!

I love these photographs of the worn paint on the boats in the harbour - the colours are amazing!

I have so many photographs to show you - especially from our visit to Chillingham castle - the most weird and wonderful castle I have ever visited - and Alnwick Castle and it's amazing tree house; but I think I will leave those for my next post!


andamento said...

All lovely photos, looking forward to the next set.

What camera do you have (or is that too nosey a question!)


Biba said...

I absolutely adore your holiday photos - every time! You see, I'm very much in love with your beautiful country (have been since I was a school kid) and I'm always impressed by the treasures that you present on your wonderful blog. Reading about all those lovely castles transports me to Britain for a moment and that, my blogging friend, is one GREAT feeling. I hope I'll be able to visit Britain again some time soon!

Lyn said...

Beautiful photos, They are so atmospheric!

andamento said...

Thanks for the camera info. I just bought a new one earlier this year and went for a fujifilm finepix f100fd. It's a compact one, i didn't really consider any other type though wish I had now - 18x zoom sound fantastic! I think I have 5x which is not bad for a compact camera!

By the way, I've nominated you for a blogging award - see my last post for details. You're not obliged to accept!

Clotilde M said...

Beautiful pictures! I write to you from one of the desert States of the United States, so I find your pictures of the vessels and the water lovely!

Karens Hopes said...

a beautiful place I know, thankyou for the pics,it brings back many happy memories.

Sue said...

Lovely pictures, we visited this area last year and really enjoyed it. We fancy returning, as the day we drove over to Holy Island unfortunately it was misty.