Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I love crochet and dabble every now and again but Elin Thomas' work is unbelievably beautiful!! The attention to detail and incorporation of buttons, beads, etc has to be seen to be believed.

Elin specialises in extremely neat, small crochet using size 20 threads and 1.00 crochet hook.

I love the colours in this ring - definitely eye-catching!

I adore this necklace - it would co-ordinate with so many items in my wardrobe!

This cuff is beautiful - precise stitching, beautifully finished and a handmade polymer clay bead to complete the look. What more can you want to jazz up that little black dress!

All of these items are currently for sale in Elin's etsy shop but be quick as there is only one of each.


Cate said...

Hi, i love your work, i've seen it at the biscuit factory, so intricate and beautiful, and i've been reading your blog for a while, you know, just lurking :o)

I've only been to the quayside market once or twice, i think town is too far to go on a sunday, i only live in whitley :o) but maybe i will bump in to you one day, i'll look out for your gorgeous brooches!

Cate, x

p.s saw your fave films - kes was filmed at my high school and brassed off in the next village to my parents, i'm originally a yorkshire lass :o)

p.p.ssorry for the essay like comment!

Karens Hopes said...

Wow the work on that brooch is amazing, there truly are some talented people out there.