Friday, 2 April 2010


I have been sorting my embroidery threads out. It is a job that I always put at the end of my list of jobs 'to do' but it was in such an awful state that I have sat for the last hour and tidied it. I feel so much better now!

This is a new 'tree' brooch that I have been working on. What I love about this design is that they all look so different to one another . These will also form part of my exhibition at mushroom works which opens a week today!


KC'sCourt! said...

Your brooches are really beautiful

trixi said...

Your trees are really sweet.
Beautiful work as always! Hope the exhibition goes well.

Cate said...

i love that warm happy satisfied feeling you get when somethings all tidy, and look how pretty, a rainbow of threads!

i'm liking the look of those trees, can't wait to see them in person next week!

Cate, x