Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Oh I am so sorry I haven't revealed the winner of the goodies in my last post!

I have had such a busy week but here we go - the winner will be decided by the random number generator below! Everyone has been given a number according to their comment.......... and the winner is........ number 15!!!

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 32
Result: 15

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Can 'made at greenlodge' please forward your postal details to me at jsmallcombe@hotmail.co.uk!! Thank you for all of your lovely comments - I will be having another giveaway fairly soon!

I have a couple of things to show you before I go.

I love painting and despite several attempts with watercolours, gouache, etc I have never really been satisfied with any of my paintings and they always end up in the bin. However, I decided to incorporate my sewing in to one of my little drawings/paintings.

This one below is 'Lulu'! I drew her in ink on hand made paper and coloured her with watercolours . Three small buttons and an embroidered flower in her hair completed the design!

Not to be outdone, my little boy decided to have a go too - I just adore his picture and have decided to buy a frame and hang it up in our home.


Gerry said...

Looks as though your little boy has an artistic talent that may already rival his momma's.

I am wondering what this story really is here with his most unusual sun rays and the portrait within a portrait.

Deep, deep.

I do love your blog.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

Biba said...

Your drawing is absolutely gorgeous, but I'm really impressed with your little boy! He's got real talent! Like mother, like son! Wonderful!

do you mind if i knit said...

I'm so annoyed with myself that I missed your giveaway, I'm ever so sorry I didn't take part. I really, really like your painting with it's sewing,it works beautifully. Love Vanessa xxx

Jacqui Grigg said...

Love Peter's painting. Quite ingenious.

Jacqui Grigg said...

Love Peter's picture. Quite ingenious.

made at greenlodge said...

I am soo sooooo late in saying thank you for the lovely brooch, book, hook and wool. I have been trying to crochet and have attempted a square. The effort is worth it and I will succeed. My girls have been fightin g over the brooch but I will keep it to remind me what a treat it was to win such lovely items. Again thank you so very much.