Sunday, 20 June 2010


Our garden is very colourful at the moment - several flowers are in full bloom and the bees are having a superb time! I am fascinated by flowers and their beauty..............

Delphiniums - one of my favourites.....

Lupins - fabulous colours........

Foxgloves with their fascinating speckled tunnels.......

Iris - my favourite flower......

I thought I'd bring a little bit of the garden inside so I can continue to look at the flowers whilst I'm working...... and they co-ordinate perfectly with my Dad's oil painting hanging in the dining room!!!!!


Ellie said...

Hi - beautiful piccies. I love your work and am so pleased to have found your blog. Will visit again soon!

King Tom said...

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Caroline and Jayne said...

Wow some lovely projects on this blog, I was especially drawn to your dads oil painting . You are a very tallented family and have an eye for colour x