Tuesday, 26 October 2010


This is our current collection of conkers - big, small, tiny, perfect, mis-shapen, shiny............ and priceless!!!

We have a large glass vase full of conkers that have been collected over the last few weeks. I don't know how many times they have been counted and examined.......

This year the children seem to be fascinated by conkers.... I cannot recall the same hysteria last year?!?!?!?

As well as collecting conkers, I have been fulfilling quite a few orders in the run up to Christmas, As a result , I feel as if my blog has been somewhat neglected. However, I hope to post again very soon as I may have a couple of new designs to show you!!!

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Caren said...

Conkers? I am from Ohio (USA) and we are called "the Buckeye State" because of our abundance of Buckeye trees. The Ohio State University is home of "the Buckeyes" (there's even a buckeye on the logo). So for game days (and any other day that fits our fancy), we wear buckeye jewelry and other buckeye-themed clothing. I think buckeyes may be the same as conkers. They have a soft-ish prickly outside "shell" which breaks open to reveal the nut inside. Just a bit of trivia for you!