Friday, 16 October 2009


I have been working on some new projects including some bright autumn scarves with co-ordinating brooches. They will brighten up any outfit and make a unique christmas present.

I have these two listed in my e-bay shop at the moment but hope to add some more colour combinations soon.


Julie said...

I've just bought one of your fabulous brooches from the Biscuit Factory. Your work is so beautiful, I will be back for more, I'm sure!


APPLIQUE said...

Hi Julie

I love the Biscuit Factory - there are some fabulous exhibitors! Many thanks for purchasing a piece of my work.

Jane x

Biba said...

I love your work too. I already have about seven items from your Etsy shop, including a summer scarf with a matching brooch. I wear the brooches very often.
I would love to have the bottom scarf from your blog as well. Will there be any scarves available from your Etsy shop?

APPLIQUE said...

Hi, I hope to have some scarves listed in my etsy shop very soon! The bottom scarf is listed on e-bay at the moment if you wish to buy it. There is a link to my e-bay shop on my blog - just below the link for my etsy shop.

Jane x

Lynn said...

I love the matryoshki dolls scarf and broach. Hope to see them on Etsy soon. It will Definatly make a great Xmas gift. For me! :-)