Sunday, 3 January 2010


Well, Christmas is over for another twelve months. The house seems so bare when all the Christmas decorations are packed back into their boxes and returned to the loft.

We did have a light covering of snow on Christmas day which added to the excitement and we have had non-stop snow flurries for the past three days. The ground looks as if it has been covered in a soft white blanket and their is more to come too judging by the weather forecast!

Snowman building is a must!

The Christmas period has given me the opportunity to experiment a little. As you probably already know I adore crochet and decided to try and amalgamate my love of crocheting with sewing. Can you guess what I came up with - here are a couple of sneak peeks!

Did you guess - I have been making some cuffs - what do you think? They take a while to complete but I think the crochet with such fine cotton and the embroidery sit well together, I also managed to get an almost perfect match with the felt and threads - something I take quite serious!

This is the black cuff.....

It is made from black, lavender, grass and pale blue crochet cotton and co-ordinating felt. I have attached three pale blue buttons to this one - it has quite a 'spring' feeling to it.

And, this is the brown cuff made from brown, red, light olive and turquoise crochet cotton and co-ordinating felt. This has four small red buttons to compliment the design and has a 'folklore' look to it.

I will be listing these in my etsy shop very soon and hope to work on some more colourways too. Please let me know what you think of these new designs.

Bye for now!


Lyn said...

These are lovely, well done for actually getting some crafting done over the Christmas break!

Biba said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I especially like the brown one. Another piece of art!

Ami said...

Beautiful job as always!

Mrs Gibson's Atelier said...

Rreally lovely, the black green and purple is great.

andamento said...

Happy New Year!

The black cuff is beautiful, I especially like the embroidery on it and how the black thread accentuates the flower petal shapes.


jamjar said...

what lovely cuffs, how do you cut out the felt flowers so neatly? Mine always look so wonky when I try.

Mochipan said...

Fantastic! I detect a hint of Folk embroidery in your work... I love Folk costumes - you should definitely have a look at some from Eastern Europe (if that's the kind of thing you might be interested in!!)